In this category there are a multitude of costs that need to be factored into the overall cost of the project. Is there a well or is it a community water system? Will you require a septic system? Or is there a sanitation system in the community? electrical services? Above ground or go underground? these services require planning prior to commencing with a project and do have a significant impact on the cost of building a new home.

Building Systems

Architectural designs that may be pleasing to the eye and create that Wow! factor can be costly and may not provide value. Complex roof lines with valleys, peaks and dormers increase the labour cost and materials. complex truss designs get pricey as well as installation costs. Interior vaulted ceilings in particular high steep ones are time consuming to finish.

Exterior walls that have lots of nooks and crannies and build outs will require more materials labour to finish.  Just a few more things that determine the cost of building a home.

One would think that it is much more expensive to build a multi-story home, however it is not necessarily true. in the case of a single level rancher style or bungalow, it would require a much larger foundation and roof structure than a multi-story home of equivalent sq. ft. The cost associated with the roof, foundation, and basement floor could easily be twice as much as for a multi-story home. 

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One may not necessarily put a lot of thought into the components that you don't see everyday that are tucked away inside the walls and out of sight places, however they all contribute to the overall cost of the project. There are numerous options available that affect the comfort, functionality and durability of the home. Examples of this are different methods of insulation, Heating options, forced air, electric, geothermal, radiant floor heat.  Cooling systems.

The overall size of a home dictates the cost per square foot, however not necessarily in the way one would expect. It would be expected that the finished cost of a larger home would be higher, but the cost per square foot would typically be lower. it is all relative a larger home typically means larger rooms, therefore as room sizes increase the cost of materials and labour doesn't  necessarily always increase at the same rate. therefore that being said, a 2000 square foot home may be in the range of $200+ per square foot to build, but where as a 3000 square foot home of similar specifications could be considerably less per square foot to build.

Without a doubt this is the most commonly asked question potential clients will ask. It is also the most difficult question to answer. there is no "one price fits all" solution to the question as there are numerous variables and every project has its own variables. It would be imposible for any builder or contractor to say exactly what the project would cost to build. I will outline some factors that can affect the final cost of your project. The highlighted paragraphs may not necessarily be in order of priority but are just to outline some of the things that will affect the overall cost of your project

Location. Location. Location. The Location and geography of every building site can be drastically different. Are there riparian concerns particularly when sites are located near lakes or geographically sensitive areas? Are there bylaws in effect that govern where and what you can construct on any given site?

  Not every site has easy access for equipment and materials to be delivered and stored. Is there room for equipment to move easily around the site? Are you working close to neighbors and what impact will your construction have on them and their lifestyle? Are retaining walls required on the site to prevent erosion or increase stability? another huge factor that comes quickly into play is what are the future plans for further development of the site and it potential impact as to where current construction and services are placed at this time. One can quickly see there are some huge impacts on the potential cost of a project.




This is a huge factor that must be paid close attention too. Exterior finishing, brick , stone, wood, composite, timbers, and so on. Does the appearance suit the surroundings?

Flooring materials like tile, carpet, hardwoods,

Custom kitchen cabinets, countertop material, Granite, the list is long.

high end plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures. these are just some of the costs that need to be factored in when calculating overall cost.

Labour cost are impacted by the materials used and their complexity.

Many items can be more labour intensive to install then others. It all depends on what you the customer desires the finished product to look like and budgets.

As with any large investment one needs to look at budget. That in my mind is the first step. What are the long term plans? Is it an investment? Retirement home? Plan to hand it down to your children?

Everyone has unique ideas and want the new home to be a extension of their vision. There are so many details that go into making your new home the home you want it to be, so when you look at the things that I have outlined above one would understand why it would be difficult for any builder to give an upfront price on what it would cost per square foot to build your home.

If you have a vision and would like to discuss design and plans & details we would be more then happy to work with you in getting the home you desire built just for you.